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Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Petrol uses accounts for a huge percentage of the carbon emissions in our planet. We, at BOLD, are very concerned about the impact of our ever-growing transport needs and this is why we have created this concept, so that everyone can have an impact at their level.

The majority of travel in Bali is through petrol powered motorbikes!

Tests on a selection of modern motorbikes revealed it actually emits 16 times the amount of hydrocarbons, including greenhouse gases, three times the carbon monoxide and a disproportionately high amount of other pollutants cars will emit. So we know the impacts – particularly in Bali – can be huge.

Especially in urban traffic, motorbike engines burn fuel inefficiently, giving a sharp peak in emissions. The yearly hydrocarbon emissions of the average two-wheeler in urban traffic can be up to 49 times higher than that of the average car.

The importance of motorbike emissions has been underestimated in legislation, giving manufacturers little motivation to improve after treatment systems.

Let's help preserve the beauty of Bali and start changing the impact we have on the environment by reducing the one of motorcycles on air pollution.

Get involved in the BOLD movement, move to electric and let’s make a change together !

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