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Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Whether we’re driven by nostalgia for the ‘good old days’, a desire to stand out and rebel against fashion trends, or we’re just drawn to the Retro aesthetic, many of us can’t resist a throwback. From how we listen to music, to what we wear and how we decorate our homes, the retro style is an undeniable favourite.

A lot of our design strategy was based around nostalgia because not only do we love the vintage look, but we know how much people appreciate it.

We really went to town on the nostalgic aesthetic with our Retro model and there are a number of features that combine the future with the past.

The giant headlight is one particular feature that brings back the vintage aesthetic, of course powered by our efficient electric battery,

The tall, wide handlebars of the Cruiser and Lady is also based off of a retro bike style, and we think it looks awesome. Along the handlebars, we have all the features and triggers that power our electric motor and power this eco-friendly style piece.

Rock the Vintage style and cruise on one of our e-bikes – Let's make an impact together and let’s do it in style!

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